Tony Visconti

Record producer interview at Metropolis Studios

Some time back we got in contact with Tony Visconti. We can't remember if he got in touch with us first or not but we were worried that it was a hoax and having booked some time at Metropolis Studios to record his feature it was a massive relief to see him walk through the door!

It was rather unfortunate that we (I) had decided this interview was so important that the golden rule was broken: Never use brand new equipment if it's an important feature. No matter how much you think you know the equipment you quickly find out the hard way that the trusty older gear would have been far better. Needless to say, the video quality is shockingly bad. An expensive de-noise program ran for three days rendering the video and it's just passable.

All of those hassles asside we are delighted to at long last actually show this video and hope that you take some of the technical issues in to account and forgive us our technical sins! Tony talks with George Shilling about working with legendary musicians T-Rex and David Bowie and gives away a few tips on production, engineering and recording bands live in the studio.

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record producer tony visconti at metropolis studios

Secret out-take video

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Tony Visconti audio stream part two

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Special thanks to George Shilling, Tony Visconti and everyone at Metropolis Studios who helped make this feature possible!