Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Kevin Shirley
Kevin Shirley Record producer interview

A video feature with legendary record producer Kevin Shirley at Metropolis Studios, London.

Kipper Music producer interview at Chapel Studios, London

Kipper is best known as a Grammy winning music producer for his work with Sting but has a huge production credit list.

KK Record producer feature at RAK Studios

We are delighted to feature this great video interview with hugely talented record producer KK while he took time out at RAK recording studios, London. He's a record producer, arranger, composer and much, much more.

Laurent Dupuy
Laurent Dupuy Interview at Dean Street Studios

Mike Exeter and the RP crew visited Dean Street Studios to talk with double Grammy winning French recording and live sound engineer Laurent Dupuy who has relocated from France to the UK and is now based in London.

Laurie Latham
Laurie Latham Producer feature at Helicon Mountain Studios

Laurie has been producing records since the mid 70's but he looks and acts much younger than he must be. Some of Laurie's work is iconic, for example Ian Dury's 'Sex and drugs and rock and roll' is a classic.

Lenise Bent
Lenise Bent Video at Glenwood Place with Gary Allegretto

We are delighted to bring a new video feature with music producer Lenise Bent. Claris Dodge of asked the questions sbout her recent work. We also have an older video interview shot at the Village.

Lin Gardiner
Lin Gardiner Video interview at Strongroom Studios

We are delighted to feature hugely talented producer Lin Gardiner. She's a record producer, recording engineer, arranger, composer and much, much more. Now based in Vancouver, Canada, Lin's recording career started as assistant engineer at the now sadly closed Jacobs Studios in England.

Marc Joy
Marc Joy Talks with Fran Ashcroft at Aerial Studios

Marc Joy talks with Fran Ashcroft in a conversation about their differing production methods and perspectives in this hour long feature shot at Aerial Studios in the North West of the UK.

Mark Rankin
Mark Rankin Music producer and engineer interview

Mark Rankin is a British record producer and recording engineer currently based and working in Los Angeles - Mark has numerous awards (see further down this page) including a pair of Grammy Awards for his work with Adele.

Mark Wallis
Mark Wallis Record producer video interview

Mark is one of the most experienced and versatile record producers around having made classic records for Travis, The Smiths, U2, Talking Heads, The LA’s and The Go-Betweens. George Shilling interviewed Mark at his private studio in London to talk about his career.

Matt Howe
Matt Howe Interview at Metropolis Studios

Grammy winning Matt Howe in conversation with at Metropolis Studios, London, March 2000. A fuller video interview is scheduled in the near future. To contact Matt, please e-mail us.

Matt Marrin
Matt Marrin Interview at Westlake Studios

Please note that we recorded this feature at Westlake, many thanks to SSL who helped make it possible.

Matt Rifino
Matt Rifino Interview at Fenix Recording Studios

We are very grateful to everyone at Fenix Studios for giving up their time and letting us drag all of the camera gear around the studios to shoot these features. We strongly recommend Fenix Studios to anyone wanting to record in New York.

Matt Wallace
Matt Wallace Record producer video interview

Watch our exclusive video interview with Matt Wallace shot at Studios Deluxe. Claris of asked the questions and Johnny Jaskot of directed.

Max Heyes
Max Heyes Record producer feature at Lynchmob Studios

With credits ranging from the Doves to Paul Weller, Oasis & Primal Scream to Jamiroquai & Massive Attack. Max Heyes is happiest in a live band environment, as well as with dance-pop projects.

Michael C Ross
Michael C Ross Interview at Royaltone Studios

Video interview with Michael C Ross while working at top LA studio facility, Royaltone in 2001. Ross is one of LA’s most sought after engineers. He began his recording career in the mid 80’s as an assistant engineer at Ocean Way Studios.