Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Mick Glossop
Mick Glossop Record producer feature

Mick has been producing, engineering and mixing for over 30 years. Initially known for his work recording and producing new wave and punk bands like Magazine, Public Image Ltd, Penetration and The Ruts, he had huge success as a record producer throughout the 1980s collaborating...

Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett Record producer feature at Far Heath Studios

Mike Bennett has been producing, writing and remixing since the early eighties gaining several Gold discs.

Mike Cave
Mike Cave Features recorded at Loft Studios, Liverpool

We have been trying to record a feature with excellent mix and mastering guy Mike Cave for several years and then we get to shoot several all at the same time.

Mike Crossey
Mike Crossey Producer feature at Motor Museum Studios

We visited Mike at Motor Museum Studios to follow up on our first interview with him at Air Studios the year before. We were very interested to see the studio and find why there is such a 'buzz' about him and the studio.

Mike Exeter
Mike Exeter Recording and mixing engineer

Mike is a leading rock recording and mix engineer who's recent 'big credits' include Black Sabbath's and Judas Priest's albums. We have known Mike for many years and are very pleased to at long last get him in front of the camera.

Mike Fraser
Mike Fraser Record producer and mixing engineer

Video interview with Mike Fraser was recorded at Sphere Studios in November 2008. Mike discusses the recording of AC/DC's latest album, Black Ice and also talks in depth about his mixing techniques. Mike Fraser started his career at Vancouver’s infamous recording studio “Little Mountain Sound”.

Mike Hedges
Mike Hedges Interview at Alpha Centauri Studios

George Shilling met up with possibly one of the UK's greatest record producers, Mike Hedges, at the new Alpha Centauri studios in London to talk about his extensive career and his role as A&R man on camera.

Mike Nielsen
Mike Nielsen Archive interviews at Strongroom Studios

Mike has built up a distinguished reputation as an engineer and producer who began his career by co-producing the first two Jamiroquai albums.

Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield Exclusive video interview

Few musicians can match the impact of a first record that launched Mike Oldfield to household name status. George Shilling met with Mike at his private recording studio to ask about Mike's career and his most recent recordings.

Mike Pela
Mike Pela Music producer interview at Real World Studios

Mike Pela (1950 - 2022) was a Grammy winning music producer, recording engineer and mixer who has helped to shape the visions of a wide variety of artists, including Sade, Maxwell, Savage Garden and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Mike Skinner of The Streets
Mike Skinner of The Streets Record producer video feature

Mike Skinner of The Streets is well known for his own self production and is usually associated with the 'in the box' style of working however Mike has moved increasingly out 'of the box' as can be seen here in this video shot by us...

Myles Clarke
Myles Clarke Interview at Grand Cru Studios

Myles started out learning piano and his teacher had a little studio upstairs, getting in to the studio was a carrot to tempt Myles in to trying harder.

Neil Haynes
Neil Haynes Record producer & owner of Parlour Sound

Neil Haynes runs Parlour Sound Studios in Northamptonshire. Neil has taken quite some time to be convinced that recording a video feature will be painless and at last we have his feature here.

Nick Mason
Nick Mason History of Pink Floyd

Nick Mason tells us how the band met, the various names the band had, Syd Barratt, Dark Side Of The Moon, and look back album by album etc.

Nick Patrick
Nick Patrick Record producer feature

Nick Patrick's productions have sold 10's of millions in all genres including pop, classical, and world music. George Shilling met up with Nick at his Shine Studios in the countryside in Southern England to find out more about his secrets.

Nick Tauber and Jack Ruston
Nick Tauber and Jack Ruston Interview with George Shilling

George Shilling and his video crew tracked down legendary producer Nick Tauber and his co producer Jack Ruston at their private studio in South London. We hope that you enjoy this video that covers everything from Thin Lizzy to the current day.