Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Niko Bolas
Niko Bolas Video interview at Watersound Studios

Niko Bolas takes time out from recording and talks with Claris Sayadian-Dodge about his unique skills as a leading record producer and working with artists as diverse as Neil Young and Keith Richards.

Oskar Paul
Oskar Paul Archive interview at Strongroom Studios

Watch Oskar Paul talking with George Shilling for at Strongroom Studios, London Oskar moved to London after a period as chief producer, engineer and programmer in Syrland studios in Iceland for 5 years.

Owen Davies
Owen Davies Home studio setup

Owen Davies is a recording engineer, music producer and mixer who specialises in genres of music that require a modern approach to production. He works with a wide range of up and coming artists covering rock, metal, pop and hip-hop.

Padley and Godfrey
Padley and Godfrey Interview at their London Studio

We caught up with hit making writer / producers Padley and Godfrey at their own facility in London in April 2003 and are very pleased to feature them in an excellent video interview.

Pat Dillett
Pat Dillett Recording engineer & producer interview

Patrick Dillett is a multiple Grammy Award winning, New York based producer and engineer. Pat has had success in several genres of music.

Pat Viala
Pat Viala Video feature at Sound on Sound Studios

Watch Pat Viala talking about working with Alicia Keys in our exclusive video feature shot at the famous New York Sound on Sound Studios.

Paul Borg
Paul Borg Interview at Sahara Sound

George Shilling talks with Paul Borg in London's newest SSL K Series studio. We are delighted to feature Paul Borg in an exclusive video interview while working at the new SSL K Series Sahara Sound Studios in London.

Paul Epworth
Paul Epworth Record producer feature

Paul Epworth is a great young record producer who has amassed some impressive production credits to his name and recently won a 'bunch' of Grammy's for his work with Adele.

Paul Savage
Paul Savage Feature at Chem 19 Studios

We met up with producer / engineer / musician / studio owner / label person etc etc Paul Savage at the lovely Chem 19 Studios just South of Glasgow some time back and are delighted to now bring the edited video to our viewers -...

Paul Wright
Paul Wright Interview at Townhouse Studios

We caught up with Paul at Townhouse Studios and George Shilling asked the probing questions. Paul Wright is a World class engineer and re-mixer having recently gone freelance after serving as Chief Engineer at SARM Studios for many years.

Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira Interview at Strongroom Studios

Born in Portugal, record producer and recording engineer Pedro Ferreira began his career engineering for many up and coming bands with his own mobile recording studio rig travelling from makeshift studios to converted garages.

Pete Byrne
Pete Byrne Video features

Pete Byrne's production and writing credits include the Olsen twins "I am the Cute One" and the recently released "Everthing and More", the Naked Eyes 12" dance mix compilation, featuring "Promises Promises" with Madonna.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith Archive video

We caught up with ace engineer, Pete Smith, mid session at a secret studio in Scotland recently. We shot a short video with Pete chatting about the mystery project for you to watch now.

Pete Waterman
Pete Waterman Legendary record producer

We recently recorded an interview with 'hit maker' music producer Pete Waterman at his private music studio in the North of England.

Peter Hewitt-Dutton
Peter Hewitt-Dutton Metropolis mastering engineer

Mike Exeter visited Metropolis Studios to meet with mastering engineer Peter Hewitt-Dutton and find out more about vinyl mastering and the ongoing series of live, direct-to-disk sessions that have been filmed at Metropolis.

Phil Bodger
Phil Bodger Recording engineer video interview

Watch our exclusive video interviews with one of the World's most talented recording engineers and re-mixers.