Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Catherine Marks
Catherine Marks Record producer and recording engineer

Record producer and recording engineer Catherine Marks talks with George Shilling about her unique take on music production.

Cenzo Townshend
Cenzo Townshend Mixing engineer features

Cenzo Townshend is well known for his brilliant mix work with artists as diverse as Sophie Ellis-Bextor to Kaiser Chiefs, Editors to The Specials.

Chris Fielding
Chris Fielding Recording engineer at Foel Studios

We met up with studio engineer Chris Fielding recently at Foel Studios, a long established residential recording studio set in the idyllic Welsh countryside, about 15 miles from Welshpool.

Chris Fogel
Chris Fogel Video interview

Chris Fogel took time out from mixing recently so that we could ask him about his unique mixing style at Fig in LA. Claris Sayadian-Dodge from interviewed Chris and we hope that you enjoy the video.

Chris Kimsey
Chris Kimsey Record producer and engineer feature

We recently caught up with Chris Kimsey, legendary record producer, recording engineer and musician at Sphere Studios in London to talk about his amazing career.

Chris Lord-Alge
Chris Lord-Alge

Super mixer Chris Lord-Alge features in a unique video interview with Nigel Jopson. Chris talks about compression, EQ, favourite recording equipment and much more in an epic 40 minute video.

Chris Porter
Chris Porter Music producer video feature

We met up with legendary record producer Chris Porter at his very well equipped London recording studio and asked about his career working with some of the biggest artists around, from George Michael to Bowie and asked about how the music and recording industry has...

Chris Sheldon
Chris Sheldon Interview at London

Chris Sheldon is one of the most talented and nicest people that you could meet and maybe that is one of the reasons that he's so in demand as a producer.

Chris Tsangarides
Chris Tsangarides Record producer video interview

Chris Tsangarides is one of those producers that has been a driving force in record production for longer than we can remember. We had never met Chris before so were wondering what this Grammy nominated writer, producer, engineer and mixer was going to be like.

Clint Murphy
Clint Murphy Recording / mix engineer and producer

Clint Murphy, record producer and engineer, was based at York Street Studios in Auckland, New Zealand but in 2009 moved to the UK to be based at Modern World Studios.

Cowboy Jack Clement
Cowboy Jack Clement Legendary record producer video feature

This is truly one of the most interesting and unique video features that we've ever had the pleasure to record and we hope that you enjoy the three videos covering Cowboy Jack Clement's career as much as we have enjoyed putting them together.

Craig Leon
Craig Leon Record producer interview at Abbey Road Studios

Craig Leon is one of the rare producers to have a classical music training. He started out building his own recording studio with the help of his friend Alex Sadkin (a greatly talented engineer that sadly died many years ago) who also worked at Criteria...

Dan Austin
Dan Austin Interview with leading guitar band engineer and producer

Dan Austin is a leading British producer and engineer - many people know Dan for his amazing guitar and drum sounds (we have another feature on that in-edit) so while he was visiting Otterhead Studios Dan sat to chat with Oscar Ball about production, recording...

Dan Carey
Dan Carey Music producer video interview

Dan Carey is one of the hottest British producers around. He's produced Franz Ferdinand, CSS, MIA, Hot Chip, Athlete, Emiliana Torrini, Sia, Kylie, Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, Santo Gold, Roisin Murphy, Lily Allen, Brazilian Girls, The Long Blondes, The Kills, La Roux.

Dan Hawkins
Dan Hawkins Feature at Leeders Farm Studios, UK

It's not very often that we get to chat with a top rock musician and talk about geeky recording studios or record production so I was delighted to meet up with Dan Hawkins, previously of The Darkness and now the Stone Gods, and found someone...

Dan Sprigg
Dan Sprigg Recording engineer feature at Gospel Oak

Dan Sprigg is a very experienced recording engineer and producer. We met up with Dan at Gospel Oak Studios near to Birmingham, UK, to talk about his methods and to find out why he produces such great sounding records.