Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Dan Weller
Dan Weller Interview at VADA Studios, UK

After a fun but long day working in the studio Dan sat down to chat with fellow mix engineer Clint Murphy about the art of production.

Daniel Boyle
Daniel Boyle Dub engineer / producer feature

We recently recorded an interview with Daniel Boyle at his private recording studio in East Anglia. George Shilling wanted to find out about is dub mixing techniques and how he was nominated for a Grammy.

Danton Supple
Danton Supple Record producer & mixing engineer videos

Engineer / Mixer Clint Murphy visited Danton Supple at Danton's studio at Strongroom to talk production, mixing and how Danton has adapted to the fast changing world of production.

Dave Chang
Dave Chang Record producer feature

We are delighted to bring an HD video feature with leading rock and metal producer Dave Chang shot at Monkey Puzzle House Studios. The video feature was shot late in 2007 during a break in a session.

Dave Eringa
Dave Eringa Interview at Rockfield Studios

Click here to watch the archive Dave Eringa video at Bryn Derwen.

Dave Pemberton
Dave Pemberton Interview at Strongroom Studios, London

NEW:   2023 - Watch the latest interview/feature with Dave Pemberton, click here.

Dave Rideau
Dave Rideau Video feature at Westlake Studios, LA

Dave Rideau is one of the best and one of the nicest recording and mixing engineers that we've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

David Kershenbaum
David Kershenbaum Legendary record producer video

We me up with David Kershenbaum at Westlake Studios LA and were very interested in finding out about David's amazing career as record producer and record company executive.

David Pye
David Pye Recording engineer & producer interview

Freelance recording engineer David Pye and George Shilling met up to chat on camera at Leeders Farm Studios, Norfolk, where David has been working recently. David Pye has engineered countless independent release for bands from Norwich and the surrounding area.

David Wrench
David Wrench Video interview at Bryn Derwen Studios, Wales

Since filming this short interview with David Wrench, he has gone on to become very in-demand working with Bat For Lashes, Everything Everything, Guillemotts and Beth Orton as engineer and he won the prestigious Music Producers Guild 'Mix Engineer of the Year' award, 2016.

Dimitri Tikovoi
Dimitri Tikovoi Record producer video feature

George Shilling visited Parisian born and classically trained Dimitri Tikovoi with the camera crew to talk with Dimitri who has recently produced records for Rosie Oddie fronted band Oddysey and a beautifully crafted sonic masterpeice for The Irrepressibles.

Doug Trantow
Doug Trantow Interview at LA Sound Gallery Studios, L.A.

Doug Trantow kindly gave up an hour of his time at the amazing LA Sound Gallery Studios to talk about his career.

Dr Dave
Dr Dave Video interview at Mammoth, Hollywood

Special thanks to Dr Dave and Johnny Jaskot of . Since filming this feature Dr Dave has vanished from our contact list and has somehow managed to evade our best attempts at Googling, so if you know where we can contact him please lets...

Ed Buller
Ed Buller Video interview at Sahara Sound

We are delighted to feature record producer Ed Buller in an exclusive video interview shot in September 2004 at the new SSL K Series Sahara Sound Studios in London.

Ed Tutton
Ed Tutton Record producer video feature at Germano Studios, NY

Ed Tutton took time out from his session at Germano Studios to talks on camera about his work and techniques.

Edd Hartwell
Edd Hartwell Interview with George Shilling

We met up with ex-SARM Studios engineer Edd Hartwell at George Shilling's studio to chat about his recording methods and we were keen to find out how serving an apprenticeship under such legends as Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson has shaped his career so far.