Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Eddie Veale
Eddie Veale Talks studio design with Phil English

Legendary recording studio designer Eddie Veale took time out of his schedule to talk with Phil English.

Elliot Scheiner
Elliot Scheiner 2003 interview at Presence Studios

When Elliot Scheiner first took a job working for Phil Ramone in October of 1967, he probably never imagined that 30 years later he would be one of the most successful record producers and recording engineers in the industry today.

Emre Ramazanoglu
Emre Ramazanoglu Producer & musician talks with George Shilling

George Shilling dropped in to chat with top drummer and producer / mixer Emre Ramazanoglu in a break in the Beardy Man session he was working on to find out more about his unique career..

Fay Hield
Fay Hield Interview with Russell Cottier

Recently Fay Hield invited us into her beautiful family home to talk about production of her new album 'Looking Glass' and her academic work on traditional music with Russell Cottier.

Fran Ashcroft
Fran Ashcroft Record producer video interview

Fran Ashcroft moved back to the UK from the States about 10 Years ago and he took time out while recording at Antenna Studios in London to talk in his first interview for us about his unique working style.

Frank Fillepetti
Frank Fillepetti Interview with Barry Bongiovi

Frank Filipetti was one of the first engineers to embrace digital and credits include mixes for such Global number one singles as Foreigner "I Want to Know What Love Is", the KISS album, Lick It Up and The Bangles' song, "Eternal Flame.

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones Interview at Strongroom Studios

Gareth Jones is one of those legendary producers that has such an amazing credits list you don't expect him to be as warm and welcoming to chat about his work as he is.

Gary Katz
Gary Katz Producer interview

Please note that this is one of our oldest and lowest quality videos but is still very interesting.

Gary Langan
Gary Langan Record producer video interview

Gary Langan, record producer, artist and recording engineer, is simply in a class apart. From his earliest days as a rookie at SARM Studios, Gary's work has always stood out. We caught up with Gary at Metropolis Studios, London, watch our exclusive video interview here.

Gary Stevenson
Gary Stevenson Producer interview with Mike Exeter

Mike Exeter and the crew visited Gary Stevenson the other weekend to find out more about the latest ABC Lexicon of Love II record and many of his other great productions such as Go West..

George Shilling
George Shilling Record producer at Bank Cottage Studios

  VIDEO : Drum Recording Masterclass with George Shilling at Modern World Studios

Giles Martin
Giles Martin Interview at Air Studios

We are very pleased to bring a video featuring record producer Giles Martin shot at Air Studios, London. George Shilling talked with Giles in the Hall at Air about his views on production and naturally, that Beatles 'Love' album.

Greg Haver
Greg Haver Record producer interviews with George Shilling

In this new video recorded in 2013 at George Shilling's Bank Cottage Studio, we managed to catch up with Greg on his return from New Zealand where he currently lives.

Greg Ladanyi
Greg Ladanyi Interview at Tidal Wave Studios

It was with great sadness that we were given the news that following an accident Greg passed away in September 2009. Mix magazine has an obituary here.

Greg Penny
Greg Penny 2003 video feature

The son of famous pop singer Sue Thompson and musician / songwriter / producer Hank Penny, Greg's early production successes led him to work with one of the greatest living vocalists: K D Lang.

Guy Massey
Guy Massey Music producer interview at RAK Studios

At last. We are delighted to feature ace recording engineer Guy Massey in a video interview with Nigel Jopson shot during a break from recording the Coral at London's RAK Studios.