Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Jim Moray
Jim Moray Interview at Edwin Street Studios

Jim Moray took time out from a recent tour to chat at Edwin Street Studios with Russell Cottier about folk music and record production.

Jimmy Hogarth
Jimmy Hogarth Record producer interview

George Shilling visited Jimmy at his lovely studio on a wet and rainy day in London to find out more about Jimmy's huge success and to find out how he made the long journey from the Orkney Islands to top of the charts.

John Carter Cash
John Carter Cash Record producer feature

We are delighted to feature a unique video interview with record producer John Carter Cash recorded at his private recording studio - Cash Cabin Studios in Nashville.

John Cornfield
John Cornfield Record producer & engineer

At the start of COVID-19 lock down early in 2020, John Cornfield filmed a tour around his home studio.

John Leckie
John Leckie Record producer interview features

John Leckie is one of the most revered British record producers and it was amazing to have John give up his time to come over to chat with  George Shilling  about so many aspects of production covering subjects as diverse as how to make a...

John Parish
John Parish Interview at his private studio

Ben Turner from Axe and Trap Studios visited John Parish at his amazing studio with ace cameraman and editor Harv to record this in-depth video.

John Wooler
John Wooler Record producer video feature

With 26 Grammy nominations and 5 wins, John Wooler is well known for his record production with many legendary and new breaking artists.

Jon Cohen
Jon Cohen Producer video feature at Sphere Studios, London

Jon Cohen chats with George Shilling about recording a number of diverse projects including a major project with bagpipes and how not going to 'posh' classical schools didn't stand in his way.

Jon Musgrave
Jon Musgrave Interviewed at Roundhouse Studios, London

Jon Musgrave's credit list includes:  Culture Club, Boy George, High Lamas, Beverly Knight, Omar &Angie Stone, S Club 7, Darryl Hall & Kylie Minogue.

Joseph Magee
Joseph Magee Interviewed at O

Since filming O'Henry has sadly closed. Mel Lambert interviewed Joseph Magee while working on the film score for Disney's "The Country Bears" at O'Henry Studios.

Keith Grant
Keith Grant Record Producer

Sadly, we heard that Keith passed away in June 2012. Keith was such a big influence on so many young recording engineers and producers and his personality made him one of the most revered people in the recording industry.

Ken Allardyce
Ken Allardyce Producer & recording engineer video feature

Ken Allardyce is widely known as one of LA's outstanding engineers and mixers. Ken has recorded numerous chart-topping popular bands like Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day and Weezer in the recent years. Watch Ken talking on camera about his amazing career.

Ken Feldman
Ken Feldman Video interview

NYC-based record producer, engineer, composer and arranger Ken Feldman has been honing his craft for nearly a decade.

Ken Scott
Ken Scott Legendary record producer

Ken Scott, the legendary record producer and recording engineer, is featured here in an exclusive video interview shot at Abbey Road Studio Two in November 2005.

Kevan Gallagher
Kevan Gallagher November 2021 Interview

Mike Exeter talks with Kevan Gallagher, a self-taught guitarist who has worked in-house at many of London’s top studio. Kevan was fortunate in learning his craft working with many of the best engineers and producers assisting at Battery Studios.

Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom Interview at Fenix Recording Studios

We are very grateful to everyone at Fenix Studios for giving up their time and letting us drag all of the camera gear around the studios to shoot these features. We strongly recommend Fenix Studios to anyone wanting to record in New York.