Music producer and audio engineer interviews

Ben Baptie
Ben Baptie Mixing engineer and record producer

Ben Baptie is a seriously 'up and coming' mix engineer and producer who is currently based at Strongroom Studios following his return from the US where he was based at Electric Lady Studios working with Tom Elmhurst.

Ben Hammond
Ben Hammond Video interview at Chair Works Studios, UK

Ben works out of The Chair Works recording complex in sunny Castleford where he is one of the regular house engineers. Ben also works for video production company Digifish, as the Chief Sound Recordist/Mixer.

Benedict Findlay
Benedict Findlay Video interview

Record producer Ben Findlay's approach to engineering is that of an artist, his commitment to detail in recording and mixing is staggering.

Bernard Butler
Bernard Butler Record producer at Edwyn Collins Studio, London

George Shilling met up with Bernard Butler at the amazing private studio of Edwyn Collins to ask Bernard about his rise and rise as a leading British producer.

Bernhard 'Pretty' Purdie

Legendary drummer and record producer Bernhard Pretty Purdie takes time out from recording to talk about recording at Fenix Studios and gives his insight on the music industry in this exclusive video.

Blumpy and Chuck Daily
Blumpy and Chuck Daily Video interview at The Mix Room Studios

Watch our in depth video feature. Ace reporter Johnny Jaskot asked the important questions.

Bob Both
Bob Both Leading recording engineer video

Bob Both has over 30 years experience as a recording engineer/producer. Bob worked as A&R assistant at Polydor Records in the early 70’s. There he met R&B legend James Brown.

Bob Kraushaar
Bob Kraushaar Video interview

Bob Kraushaar is a very popular British mixing engineer and record producer having worked with Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Tom Jones, Gary Barlow, Paul McCartney and Trevor Horn.

Bob Marlette
Bob Marlette Legendary record producer feature

From Alice Coper to Tracy Chapman, Bob Marlette has been involved with an amazing range of artists but he is best known for his work producing leading rock and metal bands.

Brad Buxter
Brad Buxter Video interview

Brad Buxter is interviewed at his private recording studio in LA and talks about working with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more of the World's leading artists.  Claris Sayadian-Dodge from interviewed Brad and we hope that you enjoy the video.

Brad Gilderman
Brad Gilderman Video interview at Westlake Studios

Brad Gilderman has a biog that's vast. He is possible the most 'in demand' mixing engineer in the World and he very kindly took some time out to record an updated video feature with us at the great Westlake Studios in LA.

Brent Fischer
Brent Fischer Composer, arranger and producer

Nick Poortman visited the fabulous NRG Studios and spent a few days with Brent Fischer taking in Brent's workflow and recorded this 30 minute interview. This video was only made possible with the help of Claris Dodge and StudioExpresso.

Bruce Miller
Bruce Miller Recording engineer and mixer

Bruce Miller is featured here in a new two part series of interviews shot at Redemption Studio, NJ, and talks with ace studio reporter Johnny Jaskot.

Bryan Carlstrom
Bryan Carlstrom Recording engineer interview

Bryan Carlstrom has over 25 years of experience making hit records. Credits include Alice in Chains, The Offspring, Billy Idol, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rob Zombie, Queen, Kiss, PIL, and Anthrax just to name a few of the high profile bands that Carlstrom has worked with.

Calum Malcolm
Calum Malcolm Record producer and recording engineer

This is truly one of the most interesting and unique record producer and recording engineer video features that we've ever had the pleasure to record and we hope that you enjoy the video covering Calum Malcom's career as much as we have enjoyed putting it...

Cameron Craig
Cameron Craig Recording engineer feature

Cameron Craig, one of Australia’s foremost producer/engineers is now located in the United Kingdom. Over the last decade Cameron has worked with many antipodean heavyweights including The Black Sorrows, Boom Crash Opera and, Weddings, Parties Anything.