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Intimate recording studios feature

Paul Madden, owner of Intimate recording studios London behing the Neve VR console

We are delighted to feature long established Intimate music recording studios in the heart of London. Intimate studios recently installed a Neve VR console. A video feature will be here soon....


Feet have not touched the ground at London’s Intimate studios since the installation of the Neve VSP72  with Flying Faders (ex studio 1 Whitfeild Street)  at the start of 2006. Producer Gwyn Mathias and his team downed tools as the old mixing desk was removed then as soon as the new desk was installed and has been a regular visitor since. Notably record producer Joby Talbot and his engineer Mark Wylie arrived to complete  Aluminium (LP collaboration with The Whiite Stripes) just after the new desk was installed.

More recently the Intimate Studios team have been working with a 30 piece orchestral session."The sessions were full on to say the least, starting with 15 strings followed by sessions adding the brass; woodwind, harp and then days of percussion and mixing. Out walks Joby and the White Stripes in walks Robin Millar mixing the Keisha White album for Warners and so onwards" says owner Paul Madden.

ecording area at Intimate recording studios

"The studio has really been non stop ever since we upgraded the console, but we believe that we are starting to get on top of our objective of a truly multi functional recording environment which  this years client list attests to" says owner engineer Paul Madden. “Over the Christmas period  I alone have been working on a wide variety of projects 'Zorro', a  new West End musical with John Cameron & The
Gypsy Kings, an album of new material with Robin Trower & Jack Bruce straight to 2" 24 track analog and an eleven piece dance band for ballroom
scenes in the new BBC drama "Daphne"  due for airing in May 2007.
In between  Joby Talbot has been scoring "Son of Rambo"  just in time
for its premier at Robert Redfords Sundance film festival where it has
played to rave reviews".

Intimate Studios owner Paul Madden
Producer / engineer studio owner, Paul Madden behind his new Neve VR at Intimate Studios.

Pro tools HD3 24/48 has been installed adding both PT & Logic version 7 to the existing IZ Radar 24. Future developments Intimate will bring on line a mastering, copying and archiving service. Also in association with Markant Studios NL ,an EU wide take away, which will install a studio centered around a 60 channel Neve VR at the location of your choosing.

Clients over the last year include:

Joby Talbot recording & mixing film score for Sixty Six" "Penelope" and the "Son of Rambo" (all mixed to 5.1  film surround )

Alex Wilson: Three visits for two new albums and a BBC Radio 3 session

The Waterboys album recording and mixing Co produced by Mike Scott & Philip Tennant

Multiple Projects & visits from producer Pete Brown. Including the Joe Green band

Prodution team Steve Cooper & John Gallen mixing the Capt Phoenix album.

Jazz singer Sandy Russells album produced by Francis Usmar

John Cameron music for US Documentary 24/7 and  Zorro with the Gypsy Kings

Robin Millar mixing the Keisha White Album

Gerry Bron's Bronze records putting finishing touches & mixing the new Paddy Milner long playing record

neve vr at intimate studios

There is a huge range of microphones and outboard gear. Intimate has very handy parking and offers a very good range of recording spaces and this is all available at a very affordable price. Well worth a visit!

120 Pennington St
London, E1W 2BB
020 7702 0789


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Feature produced January 2007.
Images and content are Copyright

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