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Jah Wobble video feature at Mark Angelo

Watch Jah Wobble talking on camera while working at Mark Angelo Studios
Jah Wobble interviewed at Mark Angelo Studios, London.

Following his founding and subsequently splitting from Public Image Ltd, the band John Lydon joined following the break-up of The Sex Pistols, Jah Wobble has been releasing albums at a great rate.

Having collaborated with Natacha Atlas, Bill Laswell, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Massive Attack, Sinead O'Connor and Primal Scream, to name just a few, Wobble is now recognised as one of the most important figures of the music scene.

Jah Wobble at the controlsHe enjoys a cult following as a producer with a 'let's get things done' approach which has rightly earned him a great reputation.  We caught up with Jah Wobble while recording at Mark Angelo Studios.



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