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João Carvalho Mastering is a world class mastering facility in Toronto, Canada.

Possibly the most acoustically perfect mastering room in Canada, it is a beautiful facility, akin to an old English study, filled with rich deep red leather furniture and a gorgeous coffered cherry wood ceiling and walls.


João Carvalho Mastering is the dream of João Carvalho, a rising Canadian Mastering Engineer and 2004 Juno nominated Record Producer who is known for his unique talents, discerning ears and dedication to the vision of his clients. He enjoys a golden reputation within the Canadian music industry.



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Mastering is a subtle process. Through fine volume adjustments, modifications to certain frequencies and the constraining of dynamics, it makes the difference between what might already be a good mix, and a polished, profes sional sound. In any mastering setup the quality of the console is a limiting factor, one of the most crucial links in the chain leading from the source to the reference monitors.


The custom made Airfield Audio Mastering Console, designed by David Miller, is the only one of its type in existence. Its internal circuitry is designed to be as "passive" as possible, at all costs avoiding adding noise in the signal path. This means there are no unnecessary amps, audio path switching (for three sets of monitors) is accomplished with sealed relays, and connections are hand-assembled using quad eutectic solder throughout. All switches, controls, wires and connectors are of the highest quality to ensure precision at all listening levels. The Airfield Audio Mastering Console promises to complement perfectly the measures taken in the construction of the studio to bring audiophile quality sound to the monitors. For much fuller information about this excellent mastering facility visit their site.

A Word from studio designer Martin Pilchner:


João Carvalho Mastering represents the result of a unique opportunity to adhere to known acoustic principles, without the need of compromise common in less ideal settings. The space started with a very rigid shell to minimize modal coupling, and of a given dimensional relationship aimed at providing linearly distributed fundamental room frequencies. Low frequency damping was then developed to provide a uniform LF decay in the space. This damping consisted of several traps specifically located within the room of various sizes and densities.


Strict attention was paid to ensuring uniform energy decay characteristics by balancing surface applications. Special mathematically sequenced diffusers were designed to provide back-scattering in specific locations in the room and work in conjunction with the other surface types to establish a wide and uniform sound stage at the listening position.

LF baffles, specular absorbers, and diffusors were situated so as to ensure that all loudspeaker coupling and loading with the room are uniform on all established surround axis, so that all channels are capable of matched reproduction.


The result has been a space with very uniform decay characteristics, pinpoint imaging, and broad soundstage. The full potential of the speaker system is realized at the mix position with no correction allowing a simple and pure electro-acoustic path. All errant unwanted reflections are eliminated leaving a well damped diffusive sound field without the proclivity to be anechoic.


João Carvalho Mastering
43 Laing Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4L 2N3
tel: (416) 461-3535
fax: (416) 466-3386





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