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Joe Public Studios is an intimate music recording studio in North London dedicated to turning an artists musical concepts into finished and great sounding records. Watch the Quick Time verrsion video feature, we tip Joe for great things.


joe public recording studios


When you visit this studio you're in for a bit of a surprise! Climb the ladder in to an amazing loft space that has been ingeniously converted in to a very well appointed recording and mixing space with views over the surrounding area light floods in from two directions.


This is possibly one of the most unusual studios that we've ever visited but it got us thinking about how studios like this are revolutionising the industry. Joe isn't taking on the 'big boys', he completely understands the studios limitations yet maximises its potential to the full. Even if you're an established artist we'd imagine that working at Joe Public you can hammer out the arrangements and finer points for a tiny fraction of a big studio before going to possibly a bigger room. We suspect that you may just like it so much you'll not bother with that and stay there!


joe at work behind the guitar


Joe is an experienced young producer and songwriter that will work with you to craft your track into a well written, arranged, dynamic and impressive finished record - adding bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, samples or whatever is required. Joe Public can record, mix and master your whole project in house and send you home with finished CD's of your music. Luci Cahn and All Gone Dead recorded, mixed and mastered their albums at Joe Public Studios and both are now signed following Joe's dedicated atention.


With a wide range of recording and live experience in the Pop and Rock genres, Joe Public Studios are the ideal studio for the singer, songwriter or instrumentalist who wants to create a professional, release quality record they can be proud of. They also specialize in industry quality demos - the ideal way to present songs to the music industry and Joe regularly works with managers and publishing companies to develop new artists & song writers.


Being a small studio they are able to keep costs low but when we visited to record this video feature and listened to some of the work produced at the studio we were very surprised. The thing that impressed the most was the vital enthusiasm and obvious talent. We strongly suspect that you will hear a lot more from Joe Public Studios and from Joe himself as a producer.


compact studio with a big sound


Joe's boundless enthusiasm and fantastic character won us over. We think that you should check the studio out so long as you're not a hard rock outfit or need a huge recording space. We hope to follow the studio in subsequent features and wish Joe the very best!


Special thanks to Joe for giving up his weekend to shoot this feature. Visit Joe's website or just send him an email to set up a visit!





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