John Leckie - Record Producer feature

John Leckie talks with George Shilling. This video is in Quick Time format and is Copyright, please don't copy.


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John Leckie is one of those super talented record producers that makes us, lesser talented people, utterly jealous! His work is breathtaking. John has produced so many great records that we can't squeeze all of the credits in to a page but some highlights include: Stone Roses, Radiohead, BeBop Deluxe, Cast, Doves, The Fall, The Human League, Muse, New Order, Simple Minds, Verve, XTc and a zillion more... The Wiki page here has all of the details.

We caught up with John Leckie and recorded a video interview at George Shilling's studio in the UK. If you are interested, take a look at our photo gallery of John's photographs here.

Many thanks to John and George for recording this feature!



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