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Studio A

Kampo Cultural Center was begun in New York City in 1972 as a center for East-West exchange. At that time, the main focus was on disseminating knowledge of traditional Japanese calligraphy. Since then, the Center has sponsored a variety of activities in the field of Japanese culture.

Kampo promotes intercultural awareness by supporting both the traditional and experimental arts through music, live performances, video shoots and special events.

Kampo Studios' multi-media facilities include 24/48 track recording studios, audio/video post production, a multi-purpose performance/recording space (Kampo Hall), and calligraphy and education classrooms. 

Kampo Studio C.
Studio C


Ushering in the 21st Century, Our "C" room has evolved into a fully outfitted 5.1 surround facility, complete with state of the art SSL Axiom MT digital console, 48-track digital and analogue capabilites, and a number of custom features that accent our wide array of outboard options.


One you've taken the tour around the studios, why not follow this link to their website, or, call to make your booking on 212 228 1058. Email from here at booking@kampo.com.


We would like to thank all at Kampo Studios for taking the time to shoot the video!

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