Kore Recording Studios, London


George Shilling talks with Kore Studios owner George Apsion


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Kore Recording Studios are a bit of an amazing find. We had heard of the studios and have met producers that raved on about the studios but for some reason we have taken our time to visit and what a shame, it's one of the nicest studios that we've ever visited.


As you can see in the above feature, we recently recorded an interview with the studio's owner and recording engineer George Apsion with George Shilling asking the questions, George Apsion's video tour around Kore Studios is below.


Kore is based in North West London near to many other studios and producers, just around the corner from Hugh Padgham etc. The thing that grabs you right away when you walk in to the studio is the very nice atmosphere, it's clean and tidy but very comfortable. The control room is plenty big enough for a band to hang around and get involved with the session.


The Kore Studios Video Tour



The recording area sounds very nice and offers a very flexible recording space with the main studio area being large enough for anything except huge orchestras and there are two nice booths with clear views through the studio area in to the control room. The range of recording equipment is extensive with many vintage and boutique mic pre's, eq's and mics.


Recent video features recorded at Kore Studios: Chris Sheldon

kore studios main recording area

When you walk around the studio you can tell right away that the acoustics are very good, studio design was by White Mark and you can see the trade mark diffuser panels but the studio has its own character.


recording area and boots at kore studios


In addition to the main recording studio is a second studio with compact Cadac Desk. Upstairs there is a very nice lounge with all you need, kitchen area, big telly and comfy sofas.


kore music studios owner george with the outboard equipment


George, the studio owner, has put a lot of his experience working at major London studios in to the design and feel of Kore Studios. We are looking forward to taking some more pictures and shooting extra video features in the near future. We really, really like Kore Studios and hope that you pay them a visit soon!




George, studio owner at Korse Studios in the studio's control room





recording equipment shop