Monitor & speaker choices for studio & home recording

Monitors vary greatly in quality, a top end recording studio speaker system may cost thousands and in many cases they are needed for the very best recording and mixing situations but it is possible to buy a good loudspeaker for less than a few hundred Dollars/Pounds/Euros.


KRK V8 Series recording studio monitors loudspeakersAs a visitor to this site you are probably looking to get a great sound and without having decent monitors there is no hope in getting a result that will satisfy.  If you are on a tight budget you can buy decent self powered active monitors for just a few hundred Dollars, if you want to get something a bit more impressive, there is no limit to what you can spend. 

Take in to account the size of room that you're using, the acoustic treatment may need to be sorted out and make sure that you have plenty of power, more than you need, this helps ensure that you aren't clipping the amp.  This also brings up the quality of the amplifier. We have heard the standard Yamaha NS10's running off a high end amp with a sub woofer and have been amazed.  Getting a good amplifier really is important as is using good cabling.


yamaha hs80m studio monitors loudspeakers

Remember that the choice of loud speaker is a subjective thing, what someone else likes may not be to your taste and indeed, a monitor that sounds great somewhere else may not sound so good in your room.   Because of this we suggest the following link to our favourite on-line retailer as they offer an excellent returns policy in addition to low prices.  If you dofind that the monitor that you've chosen isn't right send it back for a refund.

krk e8b expose powered 2 way active studio monitors


If you are shopping for a studio monitor take a brief look at the kinds of loudspeaker and amplifier choices available below - we won't go in to mega detail but we hope that these shortcut links helps you! 



Studio monitor options available here:


Nearfield and larger self powered Loudspeakers

Active and passive Subwoofers

Passive studio monitors



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