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focusrite mic pre amps and channels for recording studio equipmentNo matter how good the microphone, without a good mic pre amplifier you won't get the best from you mic.  Good mic pre's don't need to cost a fortune but you tend to get what you pay for - save up and get a good one!


These days it's possible to spend thousands on a high end mic pre but there are many high quality mic pre amplifiers available at sensible money.  Some come as single mic units and there are a number of multiple mic pre's out there too.

Why bother with a good mic pre?  Well, if you're using a basic mixer the quality of the on board mic pre is usualy fairly limited and let's your recording down.  Even people working in high end recording studios take along a range of mic pre's to give increased options.

If possible, make the most of your microphone and mic pre combination by using good quality cables and try to go direct to your work station or recorder.  Keeping the chain as short as possible bypassing your mixer will improve the performance.


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