Mike Fraser at Air Studios with Garth Richardson

Mike Fraser was recently working with legendary record producer Garth Richardson at one of London's top recording studios - Air Studios. Here are a few pictures that we snapped during a break from the session.

garth richardson and mike fraser at air recording studios

Pictured in the Hall Garth Richardson and Mike Fraser stop work to let us grab a pic.

record producer Mike Fraser at Air recording studios london


Watch this exclusive record producer video feature with Mike Fraser shot at Warehouse Studios, Canada - this is in Broadband Quick Time format.


mike fraser at air studios with garth richardson


Special thanks to Mimi Northcott of Canadian Recording Services for helping make this photo feature possible and special thanks to all involved at Air Studios.


mike fraser recording engineer and mixing engineer behind the ssl at air studios
Mike Fraser pictured behind the SSL console in Studio Two.


Watch our exclusive Mike Fraser in depth interview! For further information about Mike Fraser contact him via the Mike Fraser Mix website.






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