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Mix Reference Disk-Deluxe Edition CD

Produced by the editor of Mix Magazine, the world's leading audio magazine, this is the indispensible CD audio reference for musicians, studio recording pros, live/concert sound engineers, multimedia producers, hobbyists, audiophiles, audio technicians, and anyone interested in achieving top-notch audio performance. Use this CD for: Tape deck alignment, audio equipment calibration, sound reinforcement, testing sound system performance, troubleshooting & diagnostics, guitar and keyboard tuning, audio for video production, multimedia reproduction checks and much more.

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Audio reference CD ROM

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leading recording studio complex, Metropolis Studios are just one of the massive studio video tour collectionMetropolis Studios are one of London's top recording studios with 5 main studios plus mastering and DVD authoring.

Jump to the most watched recording studio video tours: Capitol, Avatar, Quad, Ocean Way, Eden, Townhouse, Air, SARM.


Watch Elliot Scheiner talk about his techniquesElliot Scheiner is one of the most successful producer / engineers in the industry today. This is just one of 60 record producers video interviews here.

Jump to the most watched record producer video interviews: Trevor Horn, Gary Katz, Al Schmitt, Rafa Sardina, Oskar Paul

Music production book shop Studio & home recording equipment

Take a look at our great selection of books covering everything from Pro Tools to home studio design.

After extensive research, we have refined our range of the best books covering all aspects of our industry.

See our selection of essential reading.


Digi 002 pairs Pro Tools LE software with an integrated control surface to provide you with an ideal, finger-friendly music production environment.When you're looking for music or recording equipment, zZounds offers the widest selection of name-branded equipment at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day. Check it out!

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Visit George Shilling's equipment reviews of gear that he's tested in real life recording sessions. Recording equipment reviews.


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