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Monnow Valley Recording Studio feature - Video feature coming soon!

Monnow Valley Studios(not Mono Valley Studios!) is one of the best residential recording studios in the UK. Based near to Monmouth the studio has a long history and was bought by the current owners in 2006.

Monnow valley recording studios control room with legendary record producer Bob Marlette
Record producer Bob Marlette pictured at Monnow Valley Studios

Nestled amongst acres of rolling hills two miles from Monmouth, Monnow Valley Studios is in an idylic spot. With good road connections, two international airports at well under an hour's drive and a mainline railway station 10 miles away, getting to Monnow Valley is very convenient for UK and international artists and producers. There are seven bedrooms so even the largest band can be accommodated with the food included, or, if you are trying to keep the budget down a bit, you can book as self catering.

The studio has plenty of space with daylight flooding in to the recording areas and control room. In addition to the SSL console, ATC monitors, large outboard selection and Pro Tools rig, the 1200 sq ft live room is one of the largest of any residential recording studios in Europe and features variable acoustics so a great variety of sounds can be created. There is an additional iso area and the main room can be closed in to give seperation by shutting the gigantic doors (pictured). The control room acousics have been improved and tweaked in the last year.

recording studio at monnow valley studios

Monnow Valley studios has excellent leisure facilities, is well maintained and has a really, really nice atmosphere and is one of the best studios to take a band anywhere. Browse the collection of Monnow Valley Studio and producer Bob Marlette pictures, these are available as licensed images. A video interview with legendary record producer shot at Monnow Valley Studios will be here soon.

Visit Monnow Valley's website for further information and to arrange a visit.

outside at monnow valley studios wales

Recording Equipment available at Monnow Valley

Genelec 1031A
Premier Drum Kit
Large selection of Peavey and Trace Elliott Amplifiers
SSL 4064G+ with Ultimation & Total Recall, 56 mono & 2 stereo channels
Pro Tools |HD3 Accel 7.2 - Apple G5
Digidesign 192 I/O
Digidesign 96 I/O x2
Digidesign MIDI and Sync
Otari MTR90 mkIII 2” & mkII 2”
Studer A80 1/2”
Studer B67 1/4”
Timeline LYNX Sync x2


ADT Gemini Easy Rider
Amek / Neve System 9098
DBX 160 x6
DBX 162
DBX 902 x2
Drawmer DL221 x2
Drawmer DS201 x3
Empirical Labs EL8 x2
Focusrite Voicemaster
Summit TLA100A x2
Urei 1176 x4


Amek / Neve System 9098 x2
DBX 500
EAR 822Q x2
Focusrite ISA 115HD
Trident CB9066
Trident MTA


AMS DMX 15-80S
Eventide FL201
Eventide H3000S
Klark Technic DN34
Lexicon 224X + LARC
Lexicon PCM42
Lexicon PCM80
Lexicon PCM91 x2
Marshall Time Modulator 5002
Ursa Major Space Station SST282
Yamaha SPX90 mkII x2
Vintage EMT 140 Plate Reverb


ATC 200
Genelec 1031A
Yamaha NS10M
C Audio & Quad Amps


AKG D112 x2
AKG D125
AKG C414 ULS x3
Electrovoice RE16
Electrovoice RE20 x2
Neumann KM84
Neumann U47 Fet
Neumann U67
Neumann U87 x5
Sennheiser MD421 x8
Sennheiser MD441 x2
Sennheiser MKH406
Shure BG4 x2
Shure SM57 x10
Shure SM58 x4
Yamaha NS10 x2


Beyerdynamic DT100
Headphones x15
Beringer DI-100 Active
DI Box x4
Hammond C3 +
Leslie 122 Speaker
Line 6 Bass Pod
Yamaha Conservatory
Baby Grand Piano
Yamaha P80 Keyboard
Large selection of Peavey and Trace Elliott amps
Premier Drum Kit

Visit Monnow Valley's website for further information and to arrange a visit.

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