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Senior MPG members took time out to discuss 'career paths in the music industry' which we videoed and are pleased to feature here for you to watch in your web browser.

Watch questions answered by the panel about whether further education is relevant in getting a head start in the industry or not.


mpg members talk on a round table
The MPG seminar prepares for filming at Strongroom Studios

Featuring on the video are:  

(left to right)

Tony Platt - independant Producer / Engineer, currently MPG Vice-Chairman and based at DVD specialist studio DAT
Steve Parr - Producer/Engineer/ studio owner @ Hear No Evil Studios and MPG Director
Mike Nielson - Freelance Engineer/Producer based @ Strongroom studios with his own programming facility
Pip Williams - Freelance Producer/Musician and Arranger and MPG Director
Blue Weaver - Freelance Producer/Musician and MPG Director
Phil Harding - independant Producer / Engineer, currently MPG Chairman

Many thanks to everyone for taking the time and to Strongroom Studios for providing the venue and refreshments!

What's the MPG about?

"The Music Producers Guild promotes and represents all individuals in the music production and recording professions. It is a professional organisation that embodies collective and individual creative contributions to the production and recording of all genres of music and media related activities.

As an independent and democratic organisation, the MPG membership includes producers, engineers, mixers, re-mixers, programmers, students and trainees, those involved in multimedia and any other individuals involved in the creative process. It is a non-discriminatory, representative body with an effective and transparent infra structure in line with other music industry bodies and seeks to set and maintain the highest standards and values of our profession.

Central to the MPG philosophy is the creation and maintenance of subsidiary Special Interest Groups as a 'melting pot' for ideas, to focus like minded individuals in generating constructive activities which offer support within and direction to the MPG as well as those outside the organisation."

Who is the MPG for? Who can join?

The organisation is for anyone who is involved in the production of music and sound in all its forms. Join the MPG and....

  • Add your voice to the industry body which represents your profession.
  • Join one of the special interest groups to meet other people in your field.
  • Learn from the experience of the top music production professionals and swap ideas with new contacts.
  • Benefit from regular meetings, information forums and seminars.
  • Come along to equipment demonstrations and studio visits.
  • Get access to legal and financial advice.
  • Discounts on equipment hire, purchase and technical support.
  • Put your details on our Website and be seen worldwide.
  • Get the MPG membership card.
  • Receive the Regular MPG Newsletter

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