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The MMF Guide to Professional Music Management

"If like me your looking to understand more about the music industry this is simply the best resource I've ever found. I've read quite a few titles on the subject of music management, and this is the best I've read. It really is worth every penny".

By the industry for the industry, this is the only professional book available on music management and the music industry.
Written and endorsed by the Music Managers Forum (MMF), this official guide offers in-depth advice on everything from negotiating record company contracts, to maximising your merchandising, to understanding publishing deals, to handling PR.
This 2nd edition features brand new chapters on IT, music insurance and band contracts as well as a fully updated international directory of managers, music societies and record labels.

Reflecting its professional status, the book is produced in an ergonomic filofax format as a versatile modular series to allow for future updates, additions and amendments. These will be made available as individual shrink-wrapped sections and via the internet.

* Versatile filofax style folder for future updates in individual sections and via the internet.
* Includes a fully updated international directory of managers, music societies and record labels.
* The definitive guide to succeeding in the music business.
* Written by the major players in the industry, including managers of some of the most successful acts in the world.
From the Publisher
If you are a manager, an artist or involved in the music industry don't hesitate, this is the book for you to get! It's a must have!!!
*The only professional book on the music business
* By the industry for the industry
* Complete international music directory
* Produced in an ergonomic practical binder

Written by key figures in the music business, this official Music Managers Forum (MMF) guide presents industry protocol along with practical advice on everything from negotiating contracts to maximizing your merchandising, to handling publicity, to understanding the implications of the internet.

Massive selection of Music Industry and Record Production books

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Video tours around recording studios 
Record producer video interviews

Take exclusive video tours around some of the worlds legendary recording studios, now with nearly 100 recording studios featured!


Brad Gilderman - record producer and recording engineer - one of the hottest producers in the businessChoose from over 60 top record producers video interviews to watch! Brad Gilderman is this month's featured record producer at Little Big Room Studios.

Jump to the most watched recording studio video tours: Capitol, Avatar, Quad, Ocean Way, Eden, Townhouse, Air, SARM, Royaltone, more

Jump to the most watched record producer video interviews: Al Schmitt, Rafa Sardina, Oskar Paul, Danton Supple, Mark Wallis, Elliot Scheiner, more

Studio and home recording books
Music producers recording equipment 

Check out the massive selection of reviewed books to help you do everything from building a home studio to the secrets of Pro Tools. After extensive research we have built up a great collection of books.

Our featured books:
Behind the glass
Mix reference CD


Choose from the widest selection of equipment and instruments at guaranteed lowest prices - with over 125,000 products!

For used and vintage gear see our used recording equipment area.

Our links area is full of manufacturer links.


Are you an artist looking for the right record producers? Maybe you're looking for a recording studio with the right vibe? Are you a record producer looking to raise your profile?

This site is packed full of hundreds of streaming videos that can help you find the right producer, engineer and studio for your project. Get behind those boring producer biogs and studio equipment lists by watching our free video features.

The range of music studios and record producers featured is growing weekly and being featured here is a great way to improve your profile!

For those wanting to get in to the industry and know how to be a record producer or recording engineer, watch our huge selection of producer video interviews with leading producers from around the world. Get an insight in to how they got started in the business and find out about what makes them successful.

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