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We are re-encoding many more of our major producer and studio features to Full Screen HD format and are trying to improve the site, at long last we have a decent search box.

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Latest features


There are loads of brand new videos on RP, too many to list since the last newsletter but a few highlights include:



The Full English Podcast - Our 'every so often' podcast with Phil English. This month it's focused on Mastering with a trip to Fluid Mastering and then takes a look at some trendy new studio monitors. Click here to listen to the Podcast!


George Apsion at Kore Studios - George Shilling interviews recording engineer George Apsion and talks about the new room at Kore Studios. Click to watch the feature.


Rimshot Studios - A very short introducton to a superb new classic recording studio complete with tube Decca desk, vintage mics, tube mastering and more. Click to view.


Russell Cottier - Russell visited engineer Michael Johnson to record this month's video blog. Michael recorded the kids singing on Pink Floyd's The Wall and many great records. Click here to watch that! Also, Russ has recorded a short tutorial on how to get sound 'out of the speakers' - getting and even wider stereo soundstage than normal. Click here to watch that video.


London Studio Engineers - A short video with engineers Sam Farr and Edd Hartwell talking about their new freelance engineer service aimed at artists working at home and producers needing an expert to help in either the studio or on location. Click to watch.


Ravenscourt Studios - A very short video introducing the studio. Click here to watch.



Click here to visit the full list of producers featured.


Next month we have some very interesting videos including a George Shilling 'special' and a mastering special feature plus more great Russell Cottier and Fran Ashcroft blogs.



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