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Welcome to the August 2009 updates

New producer features this month include Tommy D, Dan Carey, James Loughrey, Nick Mailing, David Wrench,Steph Hambrook, Ali Chant, Nick Patrick and some more that are edited and about to go live. The upcoming features for later in August and September include legendary Chris Lord Alge, Kevan Gallagher and Dave Eringa. Lot's more producer and studio features are in edit and further recording tips and techniques videos are in production.

Tommy D
record producer tommy d at his home recording studio
Nick Patrick
music producer nick patrick at his home studio
Dan Carey
music producer dan carey at his home studio
Ali Chant
recording engineer ali chant video at toybox studios
Stephen Street
record producer Stephen Street at his home recording studio
David Wrench
david wrench at bryn derwen studios
Nick Mailing
record producer nick mailing video at alexander sound studios uk
Steph Hambrook
recording engineer and record producer steph hambrook video interview
James Loughrey
record producer james loughrey at brit row recording studios london uk

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