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Parlour Sound Recording Studio features some excellent equipment and acoustics at a very affordable and musician friendly price. Being only just over an hour from London and Birmingam, travelling to this Northamptonshire studio is a great option for bands and producers on a tight budget but where the quality and flexibility matters.



A video feature produced by Parlour Sound is here.

A video tour of Parlour Sound with producer Russ Russell is here.

A video interview with producer Russ Russell shot at Parlour Sound is here.



The control room is equipped with an Audient console and has some very good outboard equipment plus the excellent SoundScape digital recording and editing system. The air-conditioned control room has been treated with various absorbers and bass traps to provide an good monitoring environment. The room is well isolated from the other rooms and features a floating floor, comfortable sofa and lines of sight to both the live room and the isolation booth.


parlour sound studios recording area with drums


The studio area features, for this price point, a good range of microphones, an unusually large, great sounding live room with vocal booth, and for the time when you need a break there's an artist's lounge with pool table etc. The studio used to be a huge cow shed so this explains the size of the studio and the thick walls provide very good isolation.


In the live end of the room drums sound big and vibrant while the dead end provides a more intimate sound. As can be seen in the pictures, there are plenty of movable gobos to tailor the acoustics for the required sound so dampening down the live area is quite easy. The room is fully isolated from the control room, isolation booth and the outside world. It also features a fully floating wooden floor, near silent fresh air replacement and good sight lines to the control room and iso booth.


The iso booth is acoustically very dead so can be used for vocals or for isolation of amps during live tracking, which is what this studio is all about.>


parlour sound studios recording space


Parlour Studios aim is to offer the best value service in the UK and in our view they've carried it off. A very Rock'n'Roll location on a farm with a great vibe, this is a mini Rockfield. You just don't find this kind of studio for the money anywhere else, a good recording does not have to cost a fortune. Watch the video tour here!


The Parlour
Glendon Lodge Farm
NN14 1QF

01536 517377
07713 266566


parlour sound studios control room featuring audient mixing desk


Studio equipment


Audient 80 Channel analogue console with 14 auxes, 24 multi-track busses, 8 sub-groups and SSL style buss compressor.

ProTools HD3 Accel
Apple Mac Pro 3GHz
Hundreds of Plug-ins
2 Lynx Aurora (32 IO)
Apogee Big Ben

Soundscape SS32 - Can import and export ProTools files.



JBL L90 mains
Dynaudio BM6a
Sky consumer speakers

Pre Amps:

API 3124
Amek Purepath (2)
SPL Channel One (2)
Audient (36)


Avalon AD2055
Amek Purepath (2)


Lexicon PCM91
Kurzweil Rumour
Digitech Quad
Zoom 1201
Various Plug-ins


Vintage Marshall JCM900
Marshall 4x12 Cab
Premier Drum Kit
Various Snare Drums
Line 6 POD
Fatar 900 Midi Controller


Roland XV3080
Various Soft Synths


UA 1176 (2)
Tube Tech CL1B
Crane Song HEDD
DBX 160x
SPL Kultube
SPL Dynamaxx
SPL Transient Designer
SPL Charisma
Amek Purepath (2)
Focusrite Compounder
Drawmer DS201


Neumann U87
AKG C414 (2)
Beyer M160 Ribbons (2)
Rode NTK
Rode NT1
AT 3050
Beyer M201
Shure SM7
Audix D6
Audix i5
AKG D112
Sennheiser MD421 (3)
Shure SM57 (4)
Shure SM58
Shure Beta58
Shure SDC (2)
Boundary Mic

Contact Info

The Parlour
Glendon Lodge Farm
NN14 1QF

Telephone: 01536 517377
Mobile: 07713 266566





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