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The Paul Wright video interview

Click here to watch Paul's video interview.  Paul Wright is a World class engineer and re-mixer having recently gone freelance after serving as Chief Engineer at SARM Studios.
Paul Wright at Townhouse Studios, London.

We caught up with Paul at Townhouse Studios and George Shilling asked the probing questions. 



Paul-Wright-5.jpg (42664 bytes)Having spent many years at SARM Studios, one of London's leading studios, Paul has engineered and mixed for an impressive range of artists including Enya, Kylie, Steps, Russell Watson, Sting, Take That, Pink Floyd, S Club 7, George Michael, Tin Tin  Out and All Saints. Having left SARM to go freelance, he is now represented by

For further information, please contact:
Adam Clough/Rebecca Duncan
365 Artists Ltd

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 8762 9590
Fax: + 44 (0) 20 8743 5624

A comprehensive and impressive biography is detailed on the next page (to speed up loading of this page as it's so large and impressive!).

Paul is an extremely talented mix and recording engineer with a list of clients including Kylie Minogue, All Saints, George Michael, Enya, Janet Jackson.

As chief engineer at Trevor Horn’s Sarm Studios for 6 years before going freelance, and having worked in London, New York, Los Angeles, France, Belgium and Iceland in a wide range of studio conditions, Paul has been part of many successful projects including several number 1’s.He is equally happy and proficient mixing in stereo or surround.

Paul has just finished mixing tracks for the forthcoming Liberty X album and Meatloaf for Mercury as well as Candice Alley's album and singles for Universal. He is currently in the studio mixing with Rick Guard and is also working with Peter Vitesse for Michelle Lawson and Island Records signing The V.  

This year has also seen Paul working with Peter Vitesse on Marisa Macbeth's album, recording and mixing tracks for Rob Searle on remixes for Alison David, Kezi Silverstone and Chicane. Last year Paul recorded and mixed tracks for the No 1 Atomic Kitten album and mixed Kylie's live shows for her recent DVD release.

Paul is an extremely talented mix and recording engineer with a list of clients including Kylie Minogue, All Saints, George Michael, Enya, Janet Jackson.

Paul credits his unique skills and abilities to the quality of the people he has worked with over the years. He learned his trade from some of the best engineers and mixers in the world including Julian Mendelsohn, Bob Clearmoutain and Mick Guzauski.


Paul can be contacted via











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