Nick Mailing and Phil English - Guitar Cab Recording - Part 1.


Phil English and Nick Mailing chat about microphone techniques for recording guitar cabs. This covers standard mic tips, how to choose the best cone to mic up, bass cabs, room mics and even using cabs for other things such as pumping vocals in to a room etc etc.


This video requires Quick Time 7 or later and a fast broadband connection.


Special thanks to Nick and Phil for taking the time to record this feature at Alexander Sound Studios. We hope to bring additional recording techniques videos soon. licensed stock images and pictures of record producer phil english at alexander sound studios



pictures of alexander sound recording studios and record producer phil english





The philosophy of AlexanderSound is to continue the standards set by the traditional elite studios into the modern musical climate of the small label and independent artist. We have recorded a video tour and interview with record producer Phil English in June 2008, watch the Alexander Sound video.


The studio was originally built by Steeleye Span drummer Nigel Pegrum and the acoustic structure of the control room remains unchanged even though the equipment has changed dramatically with Phil's arrival, in no small part due to the involvement of long term friend and self proclaimed 'Tech Monkey to the Stars' Blake Devitt.


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