Pignose HOG30 portable guitar amp

A classic and invaluable guitar amp for the home and pro recording studio that takes pretty much any input source for creating excellent sounds in the studio.

The Hog 30 is a recharging amplifier. It is perfect for outdoor speaking engagements, practice sessions, and for playing loud clean sounds virtually anywhere. While it was originally designed for use with electric guitars and keyboards, it will work very well with any electric instrument and/or microphones, and can amplify radios, tape players, or audio CD players.


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pignose hog30 compact combo guitar amp for the studio


You can connect multiplies of these units together in series for an even better sound. You won't believe the amount of sound these amplifiers produce! And for a price everyone can afford!

"The best, most portable little amp on the planet,and it looks great too. Very clean sound for blues,and country. No hum or noise of any kind. You don't have to worry about where you can plug it in. Just turn it on and start playing. Batteries will last for hours."




Battery and AC operation

Includes AC adapter/battery charger

Rechargeable batteries included

Funk Bass switch


2 inputs

3-band EQ

Level and Pre Gain controls

Headphone jack for private listening!

Renowned Pignose quality!

Runs for hours on a single charge


Technical Info


Heavy-duty 8 in. speaker

Dimensions (approximate): 13-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 17 in.

Line Out jack

Shipping weight: 28 lbs.


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