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We run this website to provide users with information about the recording and music production industry. The aim is to promote talent, document and educate. We are not a business in the ordinary sense in that we don't look to make money at every turn, we do run adverts etc to help fund our features but as such we don't generally try to directly sell services or goods other than those provided by the standard Google Adverts and Zzounds adverts.


To follow the use of the site, for example to see which pages are most popular or which pages are least popular we run Google Analytics. This is software / cookie that enables us to log in to Google's service and look at this agregated information. If it's obvious that a page ins't that interesting we can think about how to improve it or maybe it's not what our visitors are interested in, so it helps us make the site more useful to you the visitor. At no time do we know who the user is, Google may have an idea but it is not shared with us and frankly we're not interested in that kind of detail. To view Google's privacy information and to find out how to opt out of being followed visit:


At the same time advertisers may follow users browsing interests to serve up adverts that may be of more focused interest to the user however we do not know what that is or how is used, the code that serves that adverts is supplied by Google and any information that they have on you isn't shared with us. Google allows you to view their policies and principles at: Zzounds privacy information is at:


Many sites use cookies to track users behaviour, to let them in to a site without repeatadly logging in. We don't require any log in to access our information so if you would like to disable all cookies in your browser that will make no difference to your enjoyment of this site. You can disable all cookies or selected cookies in your browser preferences.


We do offer users the ability to sign up to a mailing list. This is run by a third party but we are able to access the information held if needed. This service is fully 'opt in' so you will only have your information for a monthly newsletter stored if you choose and if you change your mind later it is simple to opt out.


In short, if you would rather not have any information provided by you to any of the services we use, simply disable cookies in your browser proferences. Various countries have various privacy laws and it's not possible for us to know all of the privacy laws so please be aware that we run this site in spare time on a tiny budget and have no interest in knowing or collecting your information - with one exception: If you'd like to be featured on the site please let us know! :-)


If you would like any information (say your biog) updating on the site or would like to ask specific questions about data privacy or use please contact: mike (at)








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