Dan Sprigg - Recording Engineer feature at Gospel Oak



Austen Kilburn and Mike Exeter talk drum recording at Gospel Oak Studios



Dan Sprigg is a very experienced recording engineer and producer. We met up with Dan at Gospel Oak Studios near to Birmingham, UK, to talk about his methods and to find out why he produces such great sounding records.


recording engineer dan sprigg at gospel oak studios


We've known Dan for over 20 years and first met him at UB40's recording studios, DEP International, now sadly closed. Dan continues to work with UB40 but his work with rock is what really interests us, he produces amazing sounding records, often on a tight budget. The band that he is currently working with, New Killer Shoes, has taken up the last few months and we liked the sounds so much snuck out with some as yet unreleased mixes to play back at home. We don't do that very often!


dan sprigg with ssl mixing console at gospel oak studios


Key recent artists that Dan has worked with includes: UB40, New Killer Shoes, Cradle of Filth, Lost Prophets and many more...


We will be adding a full biography here soon.


Special thanks to John and Barry at Gospel Oak Studios for letting us film!






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