Dominik Johnson Record Producer and World Music Musician Video

Dominik is based in Manchester and is a multi-instrumentalist, session player and producer who specialises in World Music.


dominik johnson at air studios


This video is an introduction to his passion and ever-growing work and success in Production Music, Film Music and Media Music.As explained in the film, Dominik’s unique style and skill enables him to cross over between playing traditional instruments - to mixing his own material in the studio.


The film is also a calling card for his virtual session service for producers, artists and composers looking to spice up their productions and tracks with real and rare plucked instruments from around the world.'


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dominik johnson at air with jake jackson


All music and audio featured in the film is composed, mixed and produced by Dominik Johnson. Except music by multi award-winning composer Richard Jacques on the score to:
James Bond 007: Blood Stone (Activision).


Dominik Johnson video - The recording of a soundtrack


Dominik Johnson discusses recording in this video recorded at 80 Hertz Studios






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