Edd Hartwell talks with George Shilling

We met up with ex-SARM Studios engineer Edd Hartwell at George Shilling's studio to chat about his recording methods and we were keen to find out how serving an apprenticeship under such legends as Trevor Horn and Steve Lipson has shaped his career so far.


Edd started his musical career playing guitar and saxophone in bands until a love of recording studios and sound engineering was discovered. Edd has worked with the likes of Tony Visconti, Guy Massey, Stephen Lipson, Jim Abbiss and Trevor Horn on a regular basis, racking up UK number 1 albums and a Grammy nomination for best engineered album. Credits include The Noisettes, Ed Sheeran, Jeff Beck, The Kooks, The Prodigy, Kt Tunstall and Yes, amongst others.



Photographs of Edd Hartwell are in this picture gallery



recording engineer and music producer edd hartwell



Edd has joined up with a few other engineers including Sam Farr to start up LondonStudioEngineers.com to meet the needs of many artists with their own studios and need someone to come and work on their tracks or mix in their own studios or for studios needing an engineer.


Special thanks to George Shilling for the use of his studio!




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