Goetz Botzenhardt - Soho Sound Kitchen Studios

Goetz Botzenhardt behind the mixing desk

Coming soon: Interview with Goetz Botzenhardt.

We visited Goetz at Soho Sound Kitchen and recorded a video interview that will be here soon... George Shilling asked the questions and we think you'll enjoy watching.


Goetz and Rollo (from Faithless) teamed up in the 90's and their collaborations were responsible for many of the big dance records and remixes of the time, working with artists such as Dido and Faithless.


Goetz then went on to record and mix the first two highly acclaimed Faithless albums then proceeded to encompass a more eclectic combination of genre’s including recording and mixing the Sugababes debut album and singles. Goetz worked on the mixing for the Pet Shop Boys, The Cardigans, Dido and Bjork. More recently he has further expanded his skills into mixing for film and TV and is renowned composer Christian Henson’s mixer.


Record producer Goetz Botzenhardt in the studio


Much higher quality photos of Goetz Botzenhardt are in our gallery



We met with Goetz at the studio he shares with Christian Henson inside the Tile Yard studio complex in London's Kings Cross - Soho Sound Kitchen Studios.


Come back soon to watch the video!





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