Jake Gosling talks with George Shilling at Sticky Studios


Jake Gosing has had huge success with One Direction, Paloma Faith and Ed Sheeran. He grew up with music all around him, his father was involved with Fleetwood Mac and Eric Clapton used to pop in.


Music producer Jake Gosling at Sticky Studios


We visited Jake Gosling's 'Sticky Studios' to find out more about one of the UK's hottest producers and song writers. When we last looked Jake had received at least 4 MPG nominations and has won a host of awards. George Shilling went armed with a clip board full of questions and managed to get chatting with Jake about getting the best out of artists.


George was keen to find out about Jake's vocal recording techniques and to learn more about how he juggles running his own record company as well as writing, managing and production - including engineering and mixing!


Jake runs Sticky Studios and is signed to BDi Music alongside his co-venture publishing company, The Movement, with co-founder, Sarah Liversedge and develops breaking urban producers and writers within the music industry.


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Top record producer Jake Gosling


After playing in bands in college Jake usually wound up producing the bands he was in so led to his full time musical career. He was named Music Week’s No.1 Top Producer of 2012 and continues to write with Ed Sheeran and One Direction for their forthcoming albums due out in 2014.


This video runs for 35 minutes and we hope that you find it interesting. Special thanks to George Shilling for asking the questions and to Jake for taking an hour out of his busy schedule!




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