John Leckie - Record Producer feature

John Leckie talks with George Shilling about record production

John Leckie is one of the most revered British record producers and it was amazing to have John give up his time to come over to chat with George Shilling about so many aspects of production covering subjects as diverse as how to make a living as a producer, vinyl and art work, virtuosity and so much more.


This video runs for a shade under 50 minutes but as we found it so interesting didn't want to cut much out. We hope that you enjoy and get something useful out of this.

John Leckie talks with George Shilling about bands demos


When we recorded the interview with John Leckie some while back now, we only put up a short highly edited version up and it's in the old Quick Time format that's a bit of a pain to use in your browser. So, we went back to the original footage and re-edited putting up a shorter section with John telling George Shilling his opinions on bands demos and some other related topics. We liked it so hope that you do too!


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music producer John Leckie


Some John Leckie career highlights include: Stone Roses, Radiohead, BeBop Deluxe, Cast, Doves, The Fall, The Human League, Muse, New Order, Simple Minds, Verve, XTc and a zillion more... The Wiki page here has all of the details.


Gallery of John's photographs here.


John Leckie with George Shilling at Abbey Road Studio 3


Many thanks to John and George for recording this feature!






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