Producer Michael Johnson talks with Russell Cottier


Michael Johnson whose many credits include Blue Monday's best-selling UK 12” record ever has experience not just of creating hit records, but also recording orchestral, jazz and folk music, as well as film soundtracks and TV commercials at many top studios.


Russell Cottier visited Michael with his camera to record a very interesting interview that contains many very interesting recording techniques and tips with some interesting history. Michael tells Russ about his experiments with mixing in a car, recording the school kids for Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' and much more! We hope that you enjoy this video and would like to thank both Michael and Russ for making this feature possible!


Now based at Tankfield Recording Studio he has a great place to record both acoustic and electronic music. Michael's live room comfortably holds a six piece band and the studio's control room has plenty of space for musicians and singers that prefer to work in there.


Tankfield Recording Studio is equipped with all you will need to create your next hit, you can record digitally using Logic Pro or Pro Tools, or go analogue with 16-track tape. Drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, amps and even musicians are all available in-house.

Choose to work in-the-box on the Mac or add some glow and warmth of analogue EQ and summing with the Allen & Heath ZED–R16 mixer.


The studio is located in Russell Cottier's old room at the Fallen Industries rehearsal room complex, Champions Business Park, close to J3 of the M53 and only 12 minutes from central Liverpool.


Visit Tankfield's website for further information.





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