Paul Savage - Chem 19 Studios


We met up with producer / engineer / musician / studio owner / label person etc etc Paul Savage at the lovely Chem 19 Studios just South of Glasgow some time back and are delighted to now bring the edited video to our viewers - Due to a technical error there was too much noise on the recording but thanks to Izotope RX we've (mostly) fixed it!


Enough about our technical deficiencies. The first thing that strikes you when visiting Chem 19 and Paul is just how relaxed and comfortable the atmosphere is. Not a lazy relaxed vibe but a 'put you at ease' feeling. We've visited 100's of studios around the World and know a good one when we see it and hope that the video brings across a flavour of what we mean.


Paul has been recording since the middle of the '90's and being a musician has a depth of experience and understanding to help bring out the best of an artist and not impress his ideas on to people - though he is very able to help if that's required.


Paul Savage at Chem 19 Studios



Paul Savage has a huge musical ability, he's been a drummer, guitarist, song writer, record company person, recording engineer and producer. Paul has built and runs Chem 19 Studios having worked at countless studios as a band member so knew what he was after - lot's of light being one of the things that was high up on the list.


Hopefully our compact and slightly noisy video will bring over a sense of what Paul and the studio are about - seriously, if you're looking to make a record, no matter how far you are away from Glasgow, it's well worth the journey. Check out the Chem 19 website for contact information and the massive credit listings:


Chem 19 Website


paul savage, music producer and recording engineer at chem 19 studios


Many thanks to everyone at Chem 19 Studios for making us welcome and for taking time out to make this feature possible.





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