The recording equipment & instrument CABLES area

Cables connect all of your recording equipment, microphones, speakers and musical instruments together. Using good quality cables makes a big difference, not only will the equipment or instrument work better and sound better but it should reduce the chances of interference from outside sources.


Using poor quality cheap cables will be a false economy so save money by getting a decent cable and connector in the first place!


We have listed the key cables available here:


Instrument Cables
Microphone Cables
Microphone Cables - XLR to XLR | Microphone Cables - XLR to 1/4-Inch | Raw Cable
Cable Accessories
Connectors | Adapters | Cable Organizers | Cable Testers
Interconnect Cables
1/4-Inch to 1/4-Inch Cables | 1/4-Inch to RCA Cables | 1/4-Inch to XLR Cables | RCA to RCA Cables | 1/8-Inch Cables
Speaker Cables / Loudspeaker Cables
Live Audio Snakes
MIDI Cables
Insert Cables
Digital Audio Cables
Patchbay Cables
Pedal Cables
Adapter Cables
Headphone Extension Cables
Other Cables
Computer Cables

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