A look at the new Fairlight CMI-30A System at Snap Studios


We heard that Graham Renaud was at Snap Studios with the brand new Fairlight so we dropped in to find out what it has to offer...


Funky Junk in conjunction with Peter Vogel Instruments were showing the CMI-30A for the first time ever in the UK at Snap! Studios. Industry professionals had an opportunity to take an extended demonstration with the spiritual successor of one of the most influential electronic musical instruments of all time.


Fairlight system

We met with PVI's General Manager, Graeme Renaud, and he demonstrated the system to us, from the classic retro inspired Page R sequencer, through the revolutionary Soundry with its convolution and additive harmonic synthesis, to the amazing CMI sample libraries.


Graham Renaud shows the Fairlight CMI-30A


We hope that you enjoy the video and if you're interested in the CMI-30A you book yourself a demo!


For full specifications of the Fairlight please visit http://petervogelinstruments.com.au/specs/


If you're in the UK visit Funky Junk for a hands on demo




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