Outboard Other Reviews

By George Shilling

With many years as a recording engineer and producer George knows the good from the bad. In many cases it's a matter of taste, some prefer one EQ over another but George writes unbiased and objective reviews of the equipment tested to help you discover new or interesting gear.

AnaMod ATS-1 Two channel analogue tape simulator
Dec 23 2012 Two channel analogue tape simulator
AnaMod ATS-1

AnaMod was founded in 2006 by two industry veterans, Dave Amels (formerly of Bomb Factory, Voce and others) and Greg Gualtieri who is currently president of Pendulum Audio. The company

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Klark Teknik Square ONE Splitter Active signal splitter
Dec 23 2011 Active signal splitter
Klark Teknik Square ONE Splitter

Whenever out on a mobile recording job, it has always been reassuring to encounter Klark Teknik splitter units when interfacing with the house system. Klark Teknik have been in business

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Mutronics Mutator Stereo analogue filter, modulation and envelope follower
Dec 23 2008 Stereo analogue filter, modulation and envelope follower
Mutronics Mutator

It is not uncommon these days for record producers to have ProTools systems with software plug-ins to digitally emulate analogue effects. There are also many studio units with digital gates,

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SPL Tube Vitalizer Stereo program equalizer
Dec 23 2003 Stereo program equalizer
SPL Tube Vitalizer

The Tube Vitalizer looks impressive, with a nod towards vintage valve equipment. It is a 2U steel box, with a bare metal front panel. There are plenty of black knobs,

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Symetrix 562E Windowing expander / gate
Dec 23 2003 Windowing expander / gate
Symetrix 562E

Gates have been around for many years, most offering the same features. The popular and fully featured Drawmer DS201 has remained cheap and unchanged in design for many years. There

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Symetrix 628 Digital voice processor
Dec 23 2003 Digital voice processor
Symetrix 628

Want to sound like Dave Lee Travis? I thought not! However, if you are in the broadcast business you will need to apply some processing to your announcers' or deejays'

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Thermionic Culture Vulture Valve distortion unit
Dec 23 2008 Valve distortion unit
Thermionic Culture Vulture

When I reviewed the TL Audio Indigo Valve Distortion Unit I predicted that we would see further expansion in this area of outboard equipment, and, belatedly, here it is. Whilst

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