Reverb Reviews

By George Shilling

With many years as a recording engineer and producer George knows the good from the bad. In many cases it's a matter of taste, some prefer one EQ over another but George writes unbiased and objective reviews of the equipment tested to help you discover new or interesting gear.

AMS RMX16 500 500 Series digital reverb module
May 5 2022 500 Series digital reverb module
AMS RMX16 500

When I started work at Livingston Studios at the end of 1984 there was an AMS RMX-16 in both studios. This was the only source of artificial reverb other than the EMT140 plates.

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Lexicon PCM 90 Digital reverberator
Dec 23 2003 Digital reverberator
Lexicon PCM 90

Lexicon's top of the range 480L and its predecessor the 224X have for over ten years been held in the highest esteem. No high-end studio looks complete without the familiar LARC remote control on top of the mixer.

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