By George Shilling and Russell Cottier

T.C. Wizard / M2000 Multi effects processor
Dec 23 2003 Multi effects processor
T.C. Wizard / M2000

The M2000 is a 20-bit dual multi-fx unit in a shallow, lightweight, but solidly-built 1U box, aimed firmly at the Project Studio section of the market, in direct competition with units such as Lexicon's PCM80.

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Thermionic Culture Phoenix Stereo valve compressor
Dec 23 2003 Stereo valve compressor
Thermionic Culture Phoenix

Vic Keary has been involved in Pro-Audio since the 1950s, when studios often had to customise and build their own solutions. This environment has ultimately led Vic to the happy position he now occupies as Research and Design guru of Thermionic Culture.

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TL Audio VTC In-line console
Dec 23 2003 In-line console
TL Audio VTC

The TL Audio VTC (Valve Technology Console) has been two years in development with designer David Kempson. The ex-Neve project leader was also responsible for the hugely successful (and recently upgraded) TL Audio Classic Valve series.

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Universal Audio 1176LN Mono limiting amplifier
Dec 23 2003 Mono limiting amplifier
Universal Audio 1176LN

It is over two years since I reviewed the Purple Audio MC76, an enhanced recreation of the Urei 1176LN, my absolute favourite desert-island compressor/limiter. Perhaps awakened by the continued demand for this design, the two sons of original designer, the late M.T.

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SPL Qure Stereo 3 band parametric EQ
Dec 23 2002 Stereo 3 band parametric EQ
SPL Qure

It never ceases to amaze me that many items are sent for review that are either faulty, or fail to include the (often vital) manual. If it happens to me, it could certainly happen to you.

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Ridge Farm
Dec 23 2001 Valve microphone preamplifier & DI
Ridge Farm's Steamer and Gas Cooker

George Shilling reviews the Ridge Farm Gas Cooker at Ridge Farm Studios Copyright 2001.

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Helios EQ1 Lunchbox Classic British input module
Dec 23 2000 Classic British input module
Helios EQ1 Lunchbox

A brief history lesson: The late Dick Swettenham was a maintenance engineer at Olympic Studios in its late 1960's heyday. In the early 1970's he built a rather wonderful desk for Olympic and subsequently a number of Olympic clients' private studios.

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Joemeek SC4 DAD and C2 Joemeek compressors
Dec 23 1999 Joemeek compressors
Joemeek SC4 DAD and C2

To the casual reader, it must seem like there is a new Joemeek product almost every month, and perhaps that is not far off the mark.

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