Multi Effects Reviews

By George Shilling and Russell Cottier

With many years experience working as recording engineers and producers, our review team of George Shilling and Russell Cottier know the good from the bad. In many cases it's a matter of taste, some prefer one EQ over another but we try to provide unbiased and objective reviews of the equipment tested.

Eventide H9000 Harmonizer and multi-fx processor
May 15 2020 Harmonizer and multi-fx processor
Eventide H9000

Eventide invented the Harmonizer in the 1970s and have updated the line as technology has progressed. The studio where I started in 1984 had a H910 in each studio, so I have always enjoyed a bit of harmonizing.

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Eventide DSP 7000 Ultra Harmonizer
Dec 23 2008 Ultra Harmonizer
Eventide DSP 7000

Eventide's Orville is a Rolls-Royce effects processor, with 96kHz/24-Bit capability and multiple audio connections enabling surround-sound usage. But it will be some time until we all work exclusively in a surround format: for many, two-channel stereo is adequate, preferred, stipulated or more cost-effective.

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Eventide H7600 Ultra Harmonizer
Dec 23 2008 Ultra Harmonizer
Eventide H7600

This new Harmonizer is not quite the top-of-the-range model, that honour goes to the H8000FW, an eight channel unit featuring 5.1 presets. But the H7600 is now the top stereo unit in the range, replacing the DSP7000 series.

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TC Electronic FireworX Stereo effects processor
Dec 23 2003 Stereo effects processor
TC Electronic FireworX

I was intrigued. A couple of die-hard analogue-loving colleagues were salivating over some new equipment. I presumed it was another valve compressor or somesuch.

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Digitech Studio 400 Four channel multi-effects processor
Dec 23 2003 Four channel multi-effects processor
Digitech Studio 400

The 400 is a black 2U multi-fx box, fairly shallow in depth. On first glance one is immediately put in mind of the Eventide H3000. However, this unit is about half the price of an H3000D/SX.

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Eventide DSP 4500 Ultra Harmonizer
Dec 23 2003 Ultra Harmonizer
Eventide DSP 4500

The Eventide name is synonymous with the studio harmonizer. Their more recent designs include many other types of effects, but the pitch-shifter remains central to all 'Ultra-Harmonizer' models. The most widely known Eventide unit is the H3000 and its variants.

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Lexicon MPX1 Stereo multi-effects processor
Dec 23 2003 Stereo multi-effects processor
Lexicon MPX1

Hot on the heels of Lexicon's mid-range multi-fx PCM80 came tc's reply: the M2000. This incorporated many of the PCM80's innovative features, along with the much vaunted Wizard feature, and a price lower than the Lexicon unit.

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T.C. Wizard / M2000 Multi effects processor
Dec 23 2003 Multi effects processor
T.C. Wizard / M2000

The M2000 is a 20-bit dual multi-fx unit in a shallow, lightweight, but solidly-built 1U box, aimed firmly at the Project Studio section of the market, in direct competition with units such as Lexicon's PCM80.

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