Ridge Farm Studios

Historical feature from 2001 - Studio now closed


Ridge Farm is possibly one of the best known residential studios in the world with a huge hit making history that provides a great range of equipment, wonderful accommodation and leisure facilities.  Just one of the historic Ridge Farm buildings

Contained within an historic barn, the studio areas sound wonderful and the range of classic mics are excellent.  Two Studer machines and SSL J Series console plus stacks of great outboard kit complement the rooms.

The main studio live area

The technical specs are among the best in the world with a technical department that actually makes outboard equipment means that nothing is beyond their control.

A dark shot of the control room

If space is what you want, this place has got lots.  The pictures above only give a glimpse of what it's really like to be there as the atmosphere is just brilliant and the vibe is unique.

Frank Andrews with RecordProduction.com's Mike Banks chatting by the swimming pool and leisure facilities!

Large private grounds with an excellent range of relaxation and recreation facilities include a covered swimming pool  to ensure that the artist is kept in peak condition and able to concentrate without distraction.

Frank Andrews, the studio owner

The food is excellent and the staff including studio bookings manager, Ann Needham, and resident engineer, Steve, are top rate. The studio must be visited as the atmosphere of the family owned studio is spot on.  We could go on and on, but we can't!


Check out in house engineer, Steve Cooper's intro video

Mark Wallis pictured behind the SSL J Series console at Ridge Farm





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