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Located in the heart of the financial district, sanctum sound is one of Boston's premier production studios specifically designed for creativity and expression.

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Watch our exclusive in depth video feature of Sanctum Sound! Check out the vibe! Shot 2001.


Sanctum Sound's top priority was to create a space in which writers and producers could find solace from extraneous distractions. Comfort and Vibe were key elements in the design. Unlike many of the sterile working environments of many other production studios, their laid back lounge atmosphere rewrites the book on modern studio environment.


Headed by Steve Catizone and Leo Mellace, Sanctum Sound is staffed with writers, arrangers, musicians, programmers, engineers and lyricists to complete your music. Sanctum's talented roster of musicians enables you to tailor each arrangement with budget in mind but their pride usually will not let a project out the door if it is lacking! They tend to go the extra mile to produce music that they're proud of. Having commitment in producing the sound that an artist hears for themselves, not for what 'we think' that the artist should sound like.


Many other production studios manufacture their own sound and project it onto their clients, but at Sanctum, 'we sculpt each arrangement and cater to what the each client wants, and we have the capabilities to achieve any sound we desire..'


Confused? Watch our exclusive video feature to find out what they're all about. We think that they have something unique to offer.


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