SSL AWS 900+

Times are changing. Producers want a smaller footprint analogue mixing desk without any technical hassles. Studios want a reliable and compact mixing desk to bring big room quality to a smaller space. SSL's AWS 900+ is a compact and powerful mixing console that integrates control of all the major work stations, Pro Tools, Logic etc.

ssl aws 900 mixing desk at the hub recording studios uk


UPDATE: The AWS 900+ has been replaced by two new models, AWS 924 and AWS 948


For a real user review of the AWS 948 please watch our Castle Sound video.




Offering a unique combination of a compact world-class analogue mixing console and a comprehensive DAW controller, SSL’s AWS 900+ provides everything you need to record, edit and mix professional audio. Every inch a ‘real SSL’, it scooped the 2005 TEC Award in the Large Format Console category – despite measuring just 56" across!


Installed in more than 600 of the most prestigious producer and commercial recording studios in the world, this is still a unique console that has already notched up an impressive catalog of credits from the Rolling Stones’ ‘A Bigger Bang’ to Alicia Keys’ ‘Unplugged’ and Barbra Streisand’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’. AWS 900+ builds on the successful formula by adding even tighter integration and better control over major DAW platforms, enhanced displays and meters, and a sleek ‘platinum’ styling over the original AWS 900.


Superanalogue Mic Pres and signal processing, comprehensive monitoriing and superb workflow-orientated ergonomics make working on the AWS 900+ fast, simple and inspiring. Solid State Logic mixing systems are the de facto standard in audio production, valued for their unrivalled audio quality and control ergonomics. SSL was the first company to integrate automation and machine control into the mixing console, and it pioneered surround mixing.

The AWS 900+ delivers the same powerful integration benefits to DAW users, who face similar challenges with an array of equipment (Mic Amps, Effects, Controllers etc.) to produce professional results from a modern DAW.


record producer trevor horn in front of his ssl aws 900+ mixing console

Legendary record producer Trevor Horn sits by his AWS 900+ at SARM Studios London



Key Features

- Combined SSL console and DAW controller
- Legendary SSL SuperAnalogue™ mic pres and signal processing
- Full monitoring system up to 5.1 surround
- Direct control of DAW recording, editing and mixing functions
- Flexible signal routing
- Tighter integration and enhanced DAW control (Logic Audio, Nuendo, Sonar, Digital Performer, Pro Tools)


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