SSL Duende Mini

Solid State Logic are best known for their ultra high end mixing desks that most of the hit records that you can name have been recorded or mixed on. Now, SSL have brought out a mini Duende to bring affordable EQ, Dynamics etc to the workstation. With Duende Mini you can now mix on an SSL at home for much less money.

solid state logic duende mini

You already know the sound of an SSL console -- you've heard it on countless hit records from the last four decades. Now those superior mix characteristics are available within your digital audio workstation, seamlessly integrated as powerful plug-ins served up on a custom DSP platform.


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The SSL Duende Mini puts the legendary Solid State Logic sound within your DAW in a portable package that is more affordable than ever. The Mini is a stylish little 'one third rack width', all metal construction, desktop box that hooks up to your computer via Firewire. This rugged unit is ideal for small studios or laptop based DAW users. Mini makes a stack of DSP processing power available to drive up to 16 mono channels of plug-in processing (at sample rates up to 96kHz) within your host application. Duende Mini is upgradeable to 32 channels of processing power and you can run two Duende units on a single computer system for up to 64 channels of processing.


Duende is based on the powerful DSP technology behind SSL's acclaimed C-Series digital consoles and Mini ships with the 'EQ and Dynamics Channel', a plug-in developed by SSL to provide an EQ & Dynamics processing solution with all the power and processing flexibility of an SSL console channel. The Mini can also host other SSL Duende-powered plug-ins, such as the X-EQ and X-Comp.


ssl duende mini




The legendary sound of SSL for your digital audio workstation

16 channels of console-grade SSL EQ and Dynamics processing (upgradeable to 32)

Powerful DSP engine based on SSL's award-winning C Series mixing consoles

Relieves the plug-in processing burden on your computer's CPU

Single FireWire connection for fast set-up

Run two Duende Minis for up to 64 channels of processing


Buy an SSL Duende Mini in our shop.


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