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This month, Jimi gets away from finishing his concept album in the studio and holds an alternative to Glastonbury in Great Linford Manor's grounds.


STOP PRESS:  Our exclusive Jimi Volcano interview is being edited but Click Here to see the raw, and do we mean raw, footage in a special one off preview which will be removed once Jimi's management finds out!


Mr Jimi Volcano at Great Linford Manor Mr Jimi Volcano at Great Linford Manor Mr Jimi Volcano at Great Linford Manor


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Established since Thursday '79, The Jimi Volcano Quintet make music for modern people. "It's music for the nineties" explains Jimi.


Currently running behind schedule, The Jimi Volcano Quintet is made up of ex Gasoline Duvet members Rocky 'Rockhard' Rockingham, Sandy 'Sandals' Sandringham and Bob 'Bobby' Dishwater. The band are currently recording their difficult 25th album, "Come On And Scrape The Bottom Of The Barrel With Me". Included on the album will be their forthcoming single, "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time".


Sole management: Mrs Parish 01908 566079

"...ever considered using a Floyd Rose Jimi?" - Chas 
Chandler, 1966


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