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If you're looking for a recording studio browse our unique video tours. Please note that many of the music studio features here are part of a producer or engineer feature and were shot at the studio listed. We shoot new studio and producer features monthly including video tours and producer interviews.

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    A.T. Music Studios
    A.T. Music Studios Essex recording studio

    A.T. Music Group studios offer affordable & high quality recording just an hour from London and offers a professional and fully equipped recording studio in Chelmsford attracting bands from all over the county.

    Abbey Road Studios
    Abbey Road Studios Iconic recording studio

    Abbey Road Studios are the Worlds best know recording studios and are the oldest purpose built studios in the World, building started in 1926 and was opened by Sir Edward Elgar. Abbey Road celebrates it's 90th Year in 2021.

    Air Studios
    Air Studios World-class recording studios

    Air recording studios are one of the world's very best recording studios for every kind of music recording, orchestral, pop, rock and post production. We are huge fans of Air Studios. The staff are very friendly, the food is great.

    Antenna Studios
    Antenna Studios Video feature

    We're pleased to feature a video tour of Antenna Studios. Also, watch other videos shot at Antenna Studios. Antenna Studios opened to the public as a recording and rehearsal studio in April 2002 after six months major renovation work to the building.

    Are Friends Electric?
    Are Friends Electric? Underground SSL studio

    This is different!. Imagine you're in beautiful countryside, miles from anywhere but under your feet is an amazing studio hidden away making this one of the most unusual and interesting studios we've visited*.

    Astar Studios
    Astar Studios Andy Ross video feature

    Tucked in to an industrial unit in Heywood in Lancashire is not the place where you'd expect to find a recording studio but like many others of the new wave of UK studios (Kore, Modern World etc) emphasis is on what matters, the recording environment...

    Avatar Studios
    Avatar Studios Video tours and features

    AVATAR Studios is a 33,000-square-foot multi-room facility on Manhattan's west side dedicated to providing the highest possible quality audio recording services to the recording industry. Studio video tour and Roy Hendrickson's Video Interview.

    Axe and Trap Studios
    Axe and Trap Studios Video tour with Ben Turner

    Axe & Trap Recording Studios is a 4 room studio perfect for bands and just a quarter hour away from Glastonbury's famous site.

    Beat Street Studio
    Beat Street Studio Engineer Oliver Sekunda shows us around a very nice studio in Leeds

    Look around this Aladin's Cave of a studio, so much equipment and so many instruments in such a compact but flexible space that's designed for bands to be affordable.

    Beethoven Street Studios
    Beethoven Street Studios

    We're delighted to feature this leading classic SSL UK music recording studio in aptly named Beethoven Street, London. We filmed a video interview with regular visiting engineer Cameron Craig . Beethoven Street Studios reopened in May 2006.

    Black Rock Studios
    Black Rock Studios A fabulous residential recording studio on the island of Santorini

    We are delighted to feature Black Rock Studios. It's been talked about in conversations in many of our producer interviews so when owner Kostas Kalimeris got in contact to say that he was filming a feature we were very excited.

    Blink Music Studios
    Blink Music Studios

    Blink Music is one of New England's most extensive recording and production studios providing an ultimate audio and production experience.

    Blossom Studios
    Blossom Studios Video feature

    We are delighted to feature Blossom Studios in a video that they have recorded and edited themselves specially for this site. Noel Watson talks on camera about the studios and shows you around the recording facility in this self produced video feature.

    Bristol Studios
    Bristol Studios Archive video feature

    These videos are archive and at pretty low resolution as it was shot when everyone used dial up modems. Bristol Studios is a full service audio production and recording studio with state of the art audio, computer and video editing equipment.

    Britannia Row Studios
    Britannia Row Studios

    Brit Row Studios has huge history having been set up by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd many years ago. We will be recording a video feature and hope to have the full tour here soon.

    Bryn Derwen Studios
    Bryn Derwen Studios UK residential recording studio features

    Bryn Derwen is situated 6 miles from the city of Bangor in the Snowdonia National Park. The local area boasts countless sites of natural beauty and is a great place to get away and focus on your project.